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Megan Fox’s Thumb Has Been a Subject of Mention on Social Media for Years

Advertisement In 2008, For Him Magazine named Megan Fox “The Sexiest Woman In The World.” Yet despite being one of the most beautiful and desired actresses of her time, the “Jennifer’s Body” star’s looks haven’t been exempt from public scrutiny, especially with her unusual-looking thumb. Despite the scrutiny, Fox’s strange thumb hasn’t affected her work […]

The Sweet Reason Hector Elizondo Is in so Many Garry Marshal Movies

Pretty Woman, Never Been Kissed, and A League of Their Own are just a few of the many titles Marshall is best-remembered for. However, the star was also well-known for being a great friend, on and off the screen, especially concerning his friend Hector Elizondo. Hollywood has seen its fair share of talent, and Garry […]