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6 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Common Annoying Beauty Problems

 No one said being a woman was easy. In fact, being a woman sometimes means enduring pain to undo natural processes that happen to all human beings. This includes shaving, plucking, tweezing, and other painful methods you can think of in order to remove unwanted body hair. Of course, we know you don’t like it, […]

9 Things That Proves Your Bra Is Not The One For You

 A woman always has a love-hate relationship with her bra. She can’t go out without it and can’t feel relaxed in it. Sadly, this is the story of the majority of women across the world. But the irony is, a bra is not the enemy that causes discomfort. Wearing the wrong shape and size is […]

How To Choose The Right Bra For Different Outfits

The secret to a perfectly fitted bust is a good bra, and every woman knows how much a bra contributes to making you look perfect and feel confident. There are different kinds of bras designed to complement various kinds of outfits, and knowing this will help you prevent any wardrobe malfunction. Read on to learn […]

8 Differences Between Men And Women That Have An Surprising Explanation

It is said, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It may sound peculiar, but anyone who has tried to comprehend the thought process and working of a man and woman will know how different they are despite being the same species. Of course, there are visible physical differences between a man and […]

Jayde Adams chose female partner on Strictly to honour her late sister

The comedian, 37, who is partnered with Karen Hauer, confessed that her last dance partner had been her sister, so dancing with another woman ‘felt natural’. Jayde Adams has revealed that she chose to have a same-sex partner in Strictly Come Dancing, to honour her late sister Jenna, who died in 2011 aged 26 from […]

Tim Burton enjoys evening dog walk with mystery woman

And Tim Burton took time out from his schedule to enjoy a casual stroll with a mystery woman in Hampstead, London on Wednesday.   He’s one of the most acclaimed directors in Hollywood, having won a Lifetime Achievement Award at last year’s Rome Film Festival. Out and about: Tim Burton took time out from his schedule […]