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What Causes Skin Chafing, And How To Treat It

 Understanding skin chafing won’t take more than a minute as there is a good chance it troubled you too at some point in time. Skin chafing is the result of either friction caused between the skin, wearing irritating fabric, or excess moisture trapped in the skin folds. Even though the causes are different, the results […]

9 Proper Etiquettes That Many People Don’t Know About

 We know, reading up all the table manners, and trying to remember them in time all can be taxing. However, not all of them will be needed in our day to day lives. Simple etiquettes like using polite words, not hurting anyone’s sentiments, or abiding by basic chivalry are pretty good for being orderly in […]

10 Mistakes Most Of Us Make When Using A Blow-Dryer

 Let us all take some time to appreciate how easy and wonderful blow dryers have made our lives. You can style your hair the way you want, you can dry your hair quickly, and even set your hair after a new haircut. However, even though it seems relatively straightforward, there are many common mistakes people […]

A Complete Guide To Women’s Hairstyles

Every time you step into a salon and let your stylist decide what haircut you should get, you face 30-45 minutes of anxiety about what your hair will look like after the new cut. Of course, you trust the professions, but the haircut they choose might differ from what you envisioned. Also, there is a […]

Priyanka Chopra’s Journey On Accepting Herself After The Complications Of A Surgery

Although we can’t present the exact statistics of how many times an individual looks at themselves in front of a mirror, we can assure you it’s a considerable amount of time. Whether brushing your teeth, combing your hair, scrutinizing your blackheads, or checking out how your outfit looks, the mirror sees everything. But this article […]

10 Modeling Secrets That Reveal What’s Really Behind Perfect Photos

For the longest time, people believed modeling was all about being pretty, tall, and in shape. You must have seen fashion shows with models walking on the runway and posing for the perfect shots. But in reality, the fashion industry is way more than that and demands much more from the models. Here are some […]

11 Puffer Vests That Will Help Bring In Cozy Season

11 Puffer Vests That Will Help Bring In Cozy Season

It’s officially vest season: the time of the year where it’s cold enough to need some kind of outer layer but not cold enough to warrant a full-scale winter coat. In recent years, the puffer coat has gone from a useful piece of outerwear to a fashion must have, and nowadays, the same can be […]

Welcome to Scorpio Season, Where the Vibe Is Intense, Emotional, and Also Quite Sexy

Whether you think of it as a delightfully spooky, ethereal time for pulling out all the stops on a memorable Halloween costume or a chilly, dark, and increasingly sleepy time of year, Scorpio season makes it clear that autumn is in full swing. But the sun’s moment in Scorpio isn’t only about binge-watching your favorite […]