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Say Goodbye to Saddle Soreness With These 10 Peloton-Compatible Seat Cushions

But when an uncomfortable seat begins to hold you back from going on longer rides and it’s all pain and no gain, it might be time to invest in a seat cushion. Fortunately, there are a number of Peloton-compatible ones to help you power through bruised tailbones and achy glutes. Keep reading to shop the […]

Top 7 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Are you pregnant, and the time to tell the world has finally come? Here are seven pregnancy announcement ideas that are easy, cute, and fit your budget. We love hearing “We’re expecting” announcements, right? Especially if it comes from your beloved friends and family. Whether it’s the first or fourth baby, it just makes us […]

Knuckle Up Fisticuffs: ‘Black Ink Crew Chi’, #LHHNY & ‘Little Women’ Stars Facing Off Tonight In THIS Celebrity Boxing Championship

It’s time for reality stars from “Black Ink Crew Chicago”, “Love & Hip Hop” and “Little Women Atlanta” to knuckle up or shut up, and it’s all going down tonight. Bossip Video Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty Six-time World Boxing Champion Zab Judah formerly of “Boxer Wives” as seen on BOSSIP is launching his Celebrity […]

10 Indoor Activities That Aren’t 1000 Piece Puzzles

So the first puzzle – okay, we are kidding around. Puzzles were terrific the first time around during lockdown. However, between that and banana bread (which we blame for our snug jeans), they can get a bit tiring. Just because we are inside doesn’t mean we must do the same activity over and over until […]

10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands To Add To Your Shopping List

It’s about time for another sustainable and ethical brand round-up! Everyone should be considering more sustainable and ethical shopping options, and we’re here to make the process easier.  Sustainability is not a choice but rather a requirement at the rate at which climate change destroys the planet. The effects of global warming are currently almost […]