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A 7 Minute Arm Workout That’ll Make You Feel Like A Superhero

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5 Reasons We Should Embrace Playing As Adults

At some point in our childhood, we all came in from playing outside with our friends and didn’t realize that that would be the last time we would ever play outside with them. It is a sad thought, but it is the truth.  As we grew up, we stopped playing and didn’t even realize how much of an […]

A Guide To Creating Feathered Brows

Feathery brows are not a trend leaving us any time soon. The thin brows of the early 2000s have died out, so before you go trimming your slightly overgrown brows, you may want to check out the full brow look. It might change your entire makeup routine. Full, feathery brows expertly pair with the minimal makeup […]

Soulja Boy Agrees To 3-Year Restraining Order Amid Sexual Assault & Battery Case

One thing about Soulja Boy, he’s going to stay in the news as a trending topic–and this time, it’s for keeping his distance from a woman accusing him of sexual assault and battery according to documents obtained by TMZ. Bossip Video Back in January the ‘Jane Doe’ woman filed for a restraining order in L.A. […]

‘Skins’: Nicholas Hoult Survived Child Stardom and Just Keeps Winning

But although he was 17 years old when he caught the public’s eye in the teen drama, it wasn’t the first time he’d acted in a notable project. Hoult has worked as an actor since he was just seven years old. Fortunately, unlike many child stars, he has managed to dodge the serious problems that […]