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#PowerBookII: Pettiest Reactions To Monet’s Bald & Bearded Buddentanglement Boiling Over, Tariq Slithering Out Of Jail & More

Source: STARZ Oh Monet… Naturally, we thought there would be helpful information or a number to call but it was just Ghost being the pettiest father-murdered-by-his-son ever from the grave. We’re still reeling from the explosive “Power Book II: Ghost” midseason finale where Tariq was arrested for the murders of Detective Ramirez and Professor Reynolds […]

How Apolitical Dolly Parton and Activist Jane Fonda Get Along So Well

Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton | Chris Polk/FilmMagic Jane Fonda thought Dolly Parton would be perfect for ‘9 to 5’ When Fonda was preparing to make 9 to 5, she knew immediately that she wanted Parton for the part of Doralee Rhodes. A Parton song came on the radio as she was driving, and Fonda realized […]