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Katy Perry Reveals How Therapy Helps Her Relationship With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry (left) and Orlando Bloom attended therapy separately, which Perry says keeps their relationship “in tune” | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lifetime Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship over the years Perry and Bloom have been in the public eye individually for years. As a couple, they’ve spent the better part of a decade […]

Prince Harry Says an Argument With Meghan Markle Inspired Him to Start Therapy

The prince has revealed that his new perspective, shift in thinking, and courage to walk away begin with therapy. However, the Duke of Sussex reveals that he would have never go to therapy if he hadn’t argued with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex first. Prince Harry is opening up like never before about growing up in […]

10 Korean Street Food That Promise A Delectable Experience

We all love to travel as it’s a pleasure and the best therapy to replenish your mood. The most memorable part of the trip is the food, especially the local food. Food says a lot about a country. Their past, present, and even future! With the lockdown, not being able to travel to Korea does […]

7 Things Your Therapist Wishes You Knew

Related story Black Teen Is ‘Traumatized’ & Seeking Therapy After Viral Video of Being Harassed By ‘Soho Karen’ In addition, fears about therapy and therapists can confound even the most devoted therapy-goer: Relaxing into the process while building a trust-based connection with your counselor is key to getting the most out of your therapy sessions. […]

7 Bookshelves to Inspire Your Next #SundayShelfie

Book organization is its own form of therapy. Whether you line them up alphabetically, sort them by color, by genre, or any other way, once you see them artfully arranged on your shelves, your heart will instantly feel more at peace. Check out some of these creatively organized bookshelves on Instagram, posted by self-proclaimed book-lovers […]