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Patrick Schwarzenegger Explains What It’s Like to Be Arnold’s Son: ‘He’s 73 and He Can Still Lift More Than I Can’

Over the years, social media and headlines have shared the behind-the-scene-details of some of Hollywood’s most beloved and outstanding families, and amongst the ranks is the Schwarzenegger family. Take a closer look at the popular family and what Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed about what it is like to be the son of the one-and-only Arnold Schwarzenegger. […]

Mo’ Money: Kim Kardashian-West Officially Joins The Billionaire Club

Forbes officially declares Kim Kardashian-West a billionaire. Bossip Video Kim Kardashian-West has shaped the new social media era as we know it. Doing such a thing can come with a lot of headaches, but one thing that will come along with it is opportunities and cold hard cash. Source: ENT / SplashNews / Splash News […]

Some Sweet Sunday Swirl: Cassie Welcomes Her Second Seed Sunny Cinco Fine

Congratulations are in order for the Fine family!!! Bossip Video Cassie took to social media on Saturday to share the news she’d given birth earlier in the week to her and hubby Alex Fine’s second baby girl, Sunny Cinco! Source: Eugene Powers/WENN.com / WENN The first photo showed Cassie in a pink striped shirt holding […]

These Ageless Baddies Won The #DontLookYourAgeChallenge

Everyone’s buzzing over the #DontLookYourAgeChallenge that attracted seas of ageless baddies who flexed their youthful looks on social media where we’ve seen an enjoyable surge of viral challenges in 2021. Alright now! “a special performance for all of you. THANK YOU for all your love and support. let’s celebrate together in reaching 1Million followers,” she […]

‘Floribama Shore’: The Real Reason Aimee Hall Joined OnlyFans

Aimee Hall & Nilsa Prowant | MTV What is OnlyFans?  According to the website, OnlyFans is a social platform that allows creators to connect with their fans. The site allows content from artists and creators in several genres, including reality television stars like Hall. OnlyFans lets users “monetize their content” and develop relationships with their fan base. […]

MOOD: Blue Ivy Sports $500K Biggie Smalls Crown While Drinking Out Her Grammy Award

Blue Ivy stunts for social media rocking the crown that belonged to Biggie Smalls, which sold at an auction for $500K while drinking juice out of her first Grammy Award. Bossip Video This past Sunday night was the official broadcast of the 63rd annual Grammy Awards. Before the main broadcast even started, the Carter family […]

Kim Kardashian’s First Tweet Included an Important Disclaimer

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians celebrity uses Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms almost daily to make major announcements, hawk sponsored posts, and share her thoughts directly with her fans. In fact, Kardashian once admitted that social media earned her more money than her appearances on her eponymous reality TV series. Social media […]

BTS Fans Are Demanding an Investigation Into TikTok After the Group’s Account Was Hacked

Not only do the guys take their time connecting with their fans through their music and lyrics, but they also interact with them through social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram with various postings and behind-the-scenes footage. BTS is known for their iconic music and their legendary dance moves. However, the K-Pop group stands […]