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Why a Royal Staffer Hit Prince Andrew in the Face and Gave Him a Black Eye

His “car crash” interview garnered so much backlash that he had no choice but to temporarily step down from his royal duties. It was later reported that the prince would not resume any of his official duties. Now seen as the black sheep of the royal family, some fans have been wondering about Andrew’s past and his relationship with […]

Prince Philip Reportedly Berated Prince Edward and Reduced Him to Tears After He Did This

A statement from Buckingham Palace read, “After much consideration, his Royal Highness Prince Edward has decided to resign from the Royal Marines… Prince Edward is leaving the marines with great regret but has concluded that he does not wish to make the service his long-term career.” It’s a long-standing tradition for members of the royal family to […]

Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Private Date Nights in California

Now, their lives look drastically different. The Sussexes have exited the British royal family, moved to Santa Barbara, and outlined a bold new life for themselves with a mega-watt Netflix deal as advocates for change. Less than one year ago, whenever Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex left their home at Frogmore Cottage, they […]

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Shared ‘Mutual Respect,’ Says New Report

While it is next to impossible to know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, we know that things aren’t what they once were. Prince Harry and Prince William grew up in the royal spotlight, and until recently, they had always been extremely close. The princes supported each other through all the ups and downs […]

Does Queen Elizabeth II Have Any Siblings?

While Queen Elizabeth’s royal career is well-known, not everyone is aware of what went on during her childhood. For example, does she have any siblings? Queen Elizabeth II is currently the monarch of the United Kingdom. She inherited the throne in 1952 and has been working hard ever since, even now that she is in […]

The Real Reason Royals Are Never Allowed to Sign Autographs

The royal family has strict rules in place to ensure The Firm functions smoothly. From formal dinner parties to descending a set of stairs, the royal family’s rules stretch into every crevice of their professional lives. Fans might have noticed that royals never sign autographs — and it’s perhaps one of the most important commands […]

Prince Charles Eats the Same Breakfast Every Single Day

A royal from the moment he was born, the Prince of Wales has always had the finer things in life, and he has a very specific way that he likes to indulge in and enjoy things. In fact, the prince has the exact same thing for breakfast every single day, and it’s not as fancy […]