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Julie Delpy Once Revealed Why a Fourth ‘Before’ Film Was Never Made

Ethan Hawke revealed how a fourth ‘Before’ movie would be different Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy | Ari Perilstein/Getty Images According to Hawke, a fourth Before film was something that everyone involved in the trilogy have discussed on and off. At one point, the Training Day actor even quipped about the fourth film happening during […]

Jay-Z Once Shared That Ego Caused a Rift Between Him and Producer Timbaland

Jay-Z revealed ego caused him and Timbaland to part ways Jay-Jay-Z | Johnny Nunez/WireImage Jay-Z and prolific producer Timbaland have put out many familiar hits over the years. “Hey Papi,” “Holy Grail,” and “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” are just a few of the successful records they’ve created. Although their relationship has often been amicable, according […]

61-Year-Old Mom Carries and Gives Birth to Her Gay Son’s Baby as a ‘Gift’

Advertisement Cecile Eledge proved that irrespective of age, anyone can do anything. At 61, she became a surrogate. Find out the reason behind her decision. At first, when the loving mother revealed she would love to carry the child, her suggestion remained a joke, not a realistic path forward.  In 2019, Cecile Eledge, a 61-year-old […]

Donald Glover Reveals What He Would Change About Lil’ Dicky’s ‘Dave’

Despite the similarities, Glover recently revealed he doesn’t like comparisons between the shows. And if it was up to Glover, Dave would be a much sadder series. Actor Donald Glover has a lot of pride when it comes to his TV series Atlanta. His pride isn’t misplaced, however, as the comedy show has been a […]