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Sheryl Crow Has Been Engaged 3 Times But Never Made It Down the Aisle

Although she was engaged three times, none of those relationships have made it as far as a wedding. But according to what Crow has to say, that’s not such a bad thing. Her life is just fine, and she wants people to know that. Sheryl Crow is well known for her unique style of music, […]

15 Overlooked Tax Deductions You Might Not Know About

The thought of tax season can fill most people with dread. It can be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating, and just not how you want to spend a chunk of your free time. But as annoying as it sometimes is, it’s also very necessary, and when done right, it can result in a nice chunk of change […]

Warning: Kamala Harris’ ‘Today’ Interview Is Really Frustrating for Parents

Related story Anti-Vaxxers Target Pregnant People Who Post Vaccine Selfies, Accusing Them of Causing Miscarriages “What the CDC … has recommended [is] exactly that, recommendations about how to reopen safely if they’ve been closed, how to stay open if they’ve been open,” Harris said. “And so the recommendations include what, again, needs to happen around […]

What Is Grimes’ Real Hair Color?

Grimes constantly is changing her looks when she performs. It is not unusual for fans to see the singer have different hair colors. However, some people may wonder what her natural hair looks like.  For a decade, Grimes has been an active singer. She has created music that has resonated with fans and has been […]

Was Princess Diana Poor Before Marrying Into the Royal Family?

Diana’s royal life is well-known to many people, but not everyone is aware of how she lived before becoming a princess. For example, did Diana grow up poor? Princess Diana was one of the most famous royals of the 20th century. She married Prince Charles in 1981 and quickly attracted fans all over the world. […]