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5 Ways To Make Chemical-Free Cosmetics At Home

 When you think about how makeup products like lipstick or foundation are made, you probably imagine big factory machines and people in lab coats checking on them. Well, that is exactly the way cosmetics are made in a commercial setting. However, did you ever wonder what would happen if you could make your own beauty […]

7 Easy Ways To Remove Kajal From Eyes

 Kajal is one of the favorite go-to makeup products for the majority of people. Who wouldn’t want something so handy and smooth to brighten up your eyes and give them depth. However, we can all agree on the biggest drawback of kajal or any other eye makeup; removing them before going to bed! While products […]

9 Common Beauty Habits That Can Make You Look Older

 There is one thing people fear more than getting old; looking old! It almost feels like a catastrophe when you spot the first wrinkle and spot on your face. But, alas, you cannot fight old age. It’s natural; no matter how much you try to delay it, it eventually catches up to all of us. […]

How To Cut Curtain Bangs On Your Own

 How will you look if you cut your bangs? Well, you will never know unless you don’t try, will you? When you look at fringes, it seems like a simple cut you can master quickly. However, the internet is full of epic-fail videos of people trying to cut bangs on their own, resulting in thatched […]

These Winter Coats Are Too Good To Pass Up!

Are you one of those people who have waited too long to do your winter shopping and now realize that you are out of options for trendy and stylish winter wear? Worry not! To help you select some elegant, classy, and warm winter wear, we have shortlisted some coats, jackets, and even shackets that you […]

7 Tips To Grow Healthier Nails

There are two kinds of people on earth: One who maintains gorgeously manicured nails, and another with stubbed nails that are barely visible. The second kind is primarily a result of constant gnawing of nails or unhealthy growth that makes the nail break off easily. So the question is, what is the secret to growing […]

11 Easy Hacks To Update Your Wardrobe

You must have seen numerous DIY videos of people upgrading their wardrobes with the help of simple designing tools. From scarf dresses to pom pom shoes, a tiny accessory can do wonders for your outfits. Now, not all of us are blessed with the creativity to know exactly what to add to our clothes to […]

6 Secrets To Smell Good All Day

You must have seen numerous advertisements of deodorants and perfumes that promise to make people around you follow you like the mice did Pied Piper. Well, as you must have guessed, the chances of that happening are next to never. But that doesn’t rule out that a pleasant smell positively affects people around you. Think […]

6 Tips To Walk Like A Pro In Heels

There are two kinds of people on earth, one who wears high heels like it’s a part of their body, and others who can wear heels just when standing at a place with support. Your interest in this article shows that you belong to the second category who longs for gorgeous heels but can’t master […]

6 Common Gray Hair Mistakes That Make You Older

A couple of decades ago, graying of hair was believed to be a sign of old age, and people all over the world indulged in the monthly ritual of coloring their hair black. However, now people are open to the natural changes occurring to their hair and body and have accepted graying with grace. And […]