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‘Big Brother 24’: Alyssa Reacts to Kyle Coming Clean About The Leftovers

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 21, 2022.]  Big Brother 24 has a showmance at odds with the majority alliance. Kyle Capener finally told Alyssa Snider more about his game, and she had an important question. The Aug. 21 episode showed Kyle scrambling to save himself and Alyssa from […]

I’ve Become a Fan of Nonfiction Books, and Here Are a Few of My Favorites

The most common thing I hear about nonfiction books is that they’re boring. My rebuttal to that is that the majority of books I haven’t liked have been fiction books, and with nonfiction books, I generally have more of a sense of what I’m getting myself into, so I’m more likely to enjoy it. When […]

No Exaggeration, This $40 Wrap Dress Might Be My Most Flattering Purchase of 2020

On top of being my personal top pick, other customers are impressed, too. Over 500 buyers have reviewed the dress, and a vast majority of them give it a perfect five stars. “Fabric is smooth but doesn’t show lumps, belly button dents, or panty lines,” one customer wrote. “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this flowy wrap-around dress. […]

Foldable Kids Storage Stools That’ll Hide Clutter Away

Unlike the majority of the furniture that’s probably occupying your home, you won’t have to pull out your tool set and spend an hour assembling these storage stools. The best storage stools are foldable. You just shape them into a square and pop the lid on. Then you’re ready to sit. It’s that easy.  If […]

12 Virtual Vacations You Can Take Right Now From the Comfort of Your Own Home

With the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a majority of the world is operating at a much slower pace. Safety precautions like social distancing and self-isolating are strongly advised by officials, and these include ceasing all travel if possible. But while a lot of us may be at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t still […]