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Man Reveals Reason He Was Rejected after a First Date and It’s Staggeringly Petty

First dates are nerve-wracking for most people, and they often don’t amount to long-term relationships for many reasons. However, one man experienced rejection because of something he said in passing.  A man was rejected after going on a first date, but what shocked him and many people online was not the rejection itself but the petty […]

‘Mad Men’: What Is Roger Sterling Actor John Slattery Doing Now?

At the same time, television series are often long-term commitment that keep actors from being able to take on other projects, and it can have a kind of “eggs in one basket” effect. If the show’s eventual ratings tank or if the actor becomes too closely associated with a particular character, it can make the […]

Kim Kardashian Used to Sound Like Paris Hilton, Fans Speculate, But Doesn’t Anymore

The pair have a long-term friendship. Although it’s been rocky at times, perhaps because of their mutual quest for social dominance.  But now, looking back on Kardashian’s early behavior, Hilton’s influence on her rise to the top is obvious.  In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton was the “it girl” of a generation. Fast-forward 20, and […]

‘KUWTK’: Why Kourtney and Scott Won’t Get Back Together in Front of the Cameras

Still, most fans know her best for her long-term, on again off relationship with Scott Disick, the father of her three kids. Kardashian and Disick’s relationship was at the forefront of many storylines on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, before crashing and burning in epic style. Kourtney Kardashian is the mother of three young children, […]

Helpful Products & Apps for Long-Distance Couples

Related story What Are Love Maps & What Can They Tell You About Your Relationships? Whether you’re living apart in the long-term or dealing with work sending you or your partner all over the globe, it’s even more important for couples to find ways to keep the fire burning when one person is in New […]

How Brad Pitt Has ‘Impressed’ Angelina Jolie, Says Insider

Pitt has been married several times, and his long-term relationship with Angelina Jolie made headlines on a weekly basis. These days, Pitt and Jolie are divorced and working on co-parenting their six children. Brad Pitt is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, with dozens of hit movies to his name. In spite of his […]