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Our Pick: The Best TikTok-Approved Products To Shop On Amazon

Are you looking for tried and tested products to make your life easier? Have you spent hours online searching aimlessly for the best options? Then, allow us to navigate you in the right direction, i.e., TikTok-approved game-changers.  Don’t we always wish for Cinderella’s fairy godmother to come and fix all our woes? Afterward, there follows […]

‘Surreal Life’ Is Coming Back: VH1’s Plans for the Reboot

‘The Surreal Life’ | VH1 ‘The Surreal Life’ puts a group of celebrities in a house together   You never know what to expect when eight stars come together for a wild, over the top journey that pushes them to reveal different sides of themselves in surprising ways. Much like The Real World, The Surreal Life puts […]

Exploring The Reasons Networking Is Important For Your Career

Being friendly certainly makes life easier, and when you’re going through something difficult, it keeps you in contact with sources that can help! Building up a great network of people can even help advance your career! Throughout life, we meet so many people, and along the way, our paths may cross a few times. Contact […]

Inside Prince Harry’s Early Life That Shaped His Future

Following the “Megxit,” as their leaving was dubbed, Harry and Meghan have settled into a new life. That includes welcoming a new daughter and moving to California to raise their family.  Prince Harry‘s name seems to be everywhere these days. As he and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex made the shocking decision to step […]

Budweiser Launches The Notorious B.I.G. Tall Boy Cans & Merch [Photos]

The Notorious B.I.G. is still making his presence felt, in all facets of life. The late, great Brooklyn rapper’s image is now gracing Budweiser tall boy cans. HipHopWired Featured Video Source: Budweiser / Budweiser Today (July 14), Budweiser announced The Notorious B.I.G. Tall Boy Budweiser Cans, which are being released in partnership with the Christopher […]