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17 Cute Planners to Help Keep Your Life on Track

Planners are such a helpful tool when it comes to getting your life on track and organized. Let’s face it: we’re busy, and with everything we’ve got going on, it’s so easy to forget things or overschedule yourself. That’s why we like a physical planner; we find that writing things down helps them stick in […]

Britney Spears Enjoys First Red Wine In Thirteen Years

Now that Spears is once again in charge of her own life and how she lives it, she has begun doing all of the things that she used to love again.  Britney Spears seems to have a new lease on life now that her conservatorship has been lifted.  Advertisement Among these things are dancing to […]

Looking For a New Show to Watch? You Need to Check Out Single Drunk Female

While in Boston, Samantha is constantly being triggered to drink again as she’s confronted with parts of her old life, including an unexpected run-in with her former best friend who is now dating her ex. With all this drama in her life, Samantha must learn how to let go of the best and be her […]