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‘Yellowstone’: Rip Wheeler’s Story So Far

Cole Hauser | Paramount ‘Yellowstone’ season 1 flashed back to Rip Wheeler’s tragic backstory Fans didn’t learn a lot about Rip in the first season of Yellowstone — other than his unwavering loyalty to John Dutton — until episode 8 “The Unraveling, Part One.” It opened with a flashback to 1997, and viewers saw a […]

Jimmy Page on How Led Zeppelin Is Like Hip-Hop

Led Zeppelin | Chris Walter/WireImage Jimmy Page thinks musicians learn from their ‘musical environment’ Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham formed Led Zeppelin in 1968. Plant served as the band’s lead vocalist, Page played guitar, Bonham played drums, and Jones was the band’s bassist and keyboardist. The rock band Led Zeppelin is considered to […]

Loretta Lynn Once Said Dolly Parton Talked ‘the Same Hillbilly Language’ as Her

Keep reading to learn more about their decades of sisterhood and why Lynn “especially” liked Parton. Plus, find out how Parton paid tribute to Lynn after receiving news she died “peacefully” at home. Dolly Parton seems easy to get along with, especially for late country music legend Loretta Lynn who said they spoke “the same […]