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A Simple Method For Turning Hot Tea to Iced Tea

While buying bottled ice tea is a viable option, it’s more fun and economical to make use of the wide varieties of tea you probably already own like chai, jasmine, darjeeling, and oolong. The flavor options are limitless, and you’ll notice that most teas have a slightly more robust flavor when chilled. To transform your […]

5 Essential Spring-Cleaning Tips For Small Apartments

The smaller the apartment, the easier it is to keep clean, right? Well . . . not exactly. While yes, you do have less space to worry about when it comes to dusting and scrubbing, it’s also easy to overlook some of the things that are making your place look dirty. Maintaining a small apartment […]

Bottoms Up! The Best Fruits to Add to Red, White, and Sparkling Sangria

Sipping sangria is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and it’s not only reserved for warmer weather. This classic Spanish cocktail is traditionally made with red wine and brandy, but if you aren’t feeling red wine, you can still concoct a mean sangria using white wine, rosé, or even sparkling wine. And as far as the […]