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Britney Spears’ Sexy, Topless Selfie Has Us Speechless

Related story Stop Everything Because Jennifer Lopez Just Posted a Bennifer Photo Britney Spear’s Instagram is heating up. Throughout her conservatorship lawsuit drama, there’s no doubt that all eyes have been on Spears — and her social media posts. And as her battle for independence and control over her own life continues, it looks like […]

Valerie Bertinelli Reflects on Her Diet Spokesperson Days: ‘I Was Part of the Problem’

While she opened up recently in an Instagram post that addressed a fan’s unkind remark about her physical appearance, this week the television personality considered her own role in contributing to the negative diet mentality cycle. Actor and television personality Valerie Bertinelli has been anything but coy of late regarding her feelings about body image […]

Meadow Walker’s Cut-Out Dress at the F9 Premiere Deserves to Be Seen From the Back

Although Meadow only gave one glimpse of her dress on the red carpet, actor Louis Thornton-Allan took a snapshot of the back for Instagram — the design becomes even more daring when she turns around. She paired the gorgeous gown with sparkling Tiffany’s jewelry, plus some patent black pumps, to really seal the look together. […]

Can’t Post Multiple Photos on Instagram? Here’s How to Fix It

One of the best features Instagram has come up with (so far) is the option to create a carousel of images that can be packaged up into a single post. Long gone are the days of posting just a single picture to your feed. (How do you decide?!) Truth is, there’s almost always more than […]