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Jeff Bridges Announces Lymphoma Diagnosis, Says He’s Starting Treatment

The legendary actor, 70, channeled his Big Lebowski character, The Dude, to announce the news via Instagram on Monday, October 19. Actor Jeff Bridges revealed that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma and announced that he’s starting treatment. The True Grit star continued, “I’m profoundly grateful for the love and support from my family and friends. Thank […]

No One Is More Empowering Than Lizzo in This Christian Siriano “VOTE” Dress

Following her appearance on stage, Lizzo took to Instagram on Thursday, decked out in the “VOTE” dress yet again, with an important message for her fans: “IM SO EXCITED THAT WE ALL GETTING READY TO VOTE! IMA TREAT THIS SHIT LIKE HALLOWEEN AND GET ALL DRESSED UP TO CELEBRATE OUR RIGHT WE FOUGHT SO DAMN […]

Kate Beckinsale Reveals Miscarriage in Solidarity With Chrissy Teigen

Related story I’m a Pro-Choice Mom Who Miscarried & Don’t You Dare Tell Me How to Grieve Beckinsale posted on her Instagram Friday to criticize the heartless individuals who have been attacking Teigen during this incredibly difficult time for her and her family. Chrissy Teigen’s powerful honesty about her tragic pregnancy loss this week has […]

2020 Revamped ’90s Chunky Highlights Into Face-Framing Blonde Strips

You’ve seen this look on your favorite Youtubers, TikTokers, Instagram models and pop stars. Chunky highlights are back and better than ever.  These past few months may have felt like something out of a strange dream. The current hair trends may have made this confusing feeling worse with an unexpected blast from the past. Chunky, […]

10 Fitness Accounts Everyone Should Follow On Instagram

Fitness inspiration is easier to find while scrolling through your Instagram feed these days. Wellness and exercise influencers are thriving more than ever. Motivation places itself in the strangest places. In this case, we can get health and fitness motivation from our not so healthy phones.  Instagram fitness influencers have evolved beyond their toxic messaging. […]