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22 Cute Bookmarks That’ll Actually Make You Want to Stop Reading For a Bit

— Additional reporting by India Yaffe Although e-readers have become a go-to for many, there’s nothing quite like reading a paper book. Cracking open a new read, breathing in that delicious book smell, and physically turning pages (all while getting away from the distractions of a screen) is something many of us could use more […]

Influencer Diipa Khosla Wears 9 Dresses For Traditional Indian Wedding

Influencer Diipa Kholsa wed Dutch diplomat Oleg Büller in Udaipur, India, featured nine gorgeous dresses in an extravagant ceremony. From a jet-setting lifestyle and catching flights weekly, Diipa, like many, had never spent so much time at home since the lockdown. And although the initial transition was challenging, she has spent much of her lockdown […]

Men Convicted in Delhi Bus Rape Are Hanged in India

NEW DELHI — India brought a gruesome and infamous rape case to a close Friday morning, hanging four men who had been convicted of raping and murdering a young woman on a moving bus in 2012, jail officials said. The men, who were sent to the gallows at a large jail in New Delhi in the […]

Luxury’s Hidden Indian Supply Chain

Luxury’s Hidden Indian Supply Chain

MUMBAI, India — At the top of a staircase covered in dirt and sequins, several dozen Indian artisans hunched over yards of fabric, using needles to embroider garments for the world’s most powerful fashion brands. They sewed without health benefits in a multiroom factory with caged windows and no emergency exit, where they earned a […]