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Is Jennifer Lopez’s Butt Really Insured for $27 Million?

Hey, talent is great, but it’s not the only thing celebrities need to become successful – they need their good looks, too. One celebrity who’s been rumored to have insured a body part is Jennifer Lopez. Did she really insure her butt for millions of dollars? Most celebrities are worth millions of dollars, so it […]

Prince Charles Changes Clothes at Least 5 Times a Day, Source Reveals

A creature of habit, the prince loves a good routine, including his never-changing breakfast, his favorite cocktail, and his disdain lunch. However, another thing that has always stood out about the Prince of Wales is his immaculate wardrobe. From his double-breasted suits to his handkerchiefs, the prince always looks flawless. Since he’s been in the […]

10 Co-Stars Who Are Real Life Best Friends

Some actors are so good that we start to believe in their on-screen chemistry. It turns out that the connections are genuine between stars in several instances.  Movie and TV best friends inspire our friendships, so naturally, we become invested. As a result, it’s always a pleasant surprise when we learn that some on-screen relationships […]

Everything You Need to Make ‘Trolls World Tour’ Costumes

Related story Trolls World Tour Is Here — These Troll Toys Are Almost as Good as Going The amount of DIY-ing you do to make a Trolls Halloween costume is up to your comfort and skill level. You can buy some store-made elements, like the wigs or Tiny Diamond’s glasses and then make the rest […]

Top 5 Romance Novels To Read In 2020

There’s nothing better than curling up on a couch with a good book after a long day. Literature has the power to transport us into magical worlds outside of our own.  Romance novels have a wide selection of sub-genre literature available to read. Lists range from cheesy love at first sight tales and suspenseful back […]

5 Underwear Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Outfit

Have you underestimated the value of wearing good inners? When was the last time you bought new underwear? What do you look for? We probably do not think about underwear as much as we think about the dress type that goes with your body shape. Most of us buy lingerie out of necessity. We would […]

‘RHOBH’ Fans Don’t Want Kris Jenner on the Show

While some fans think that Jenner would fit right in on the drama-filled reality series, others are not convinced it’s a good move.  Fans have been predicting the inevitable for quite some time, but now word is finally official that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming to an end after twenty seasons. Bolstered by the […]