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As She Should! Naomi Osaka Says She’s Going To “Celebrate Myself More” After Admitting She’s Never Told Herself “Good Job”

Naomi Osaka is focusing on all of her accomplishments throughout her career, promising to be less hard on herself going forward. Bossip Video On Sunday, August 29, the 23-year-old wrote a statement to Instagram letting fans know that she is going to “celebrate myself and my accomplishments more.” Source: Gotham / Getty Letting all of […]

Warner Bros. To Reboot ‘Superman’ & Focus On Black Superman Storyline

Warner Bros is rebooting the Superman franchise and focusing on the Black Superman storyline. J.J. Abrams will be producing the project while essayist and novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates is to pen the script. Bossip Video As the content wars heat up, DC Films and Warner Bros. are making strides to cash in by expanding with dedicated […]

Mo’Nique Refuses To Dye Her Gray Hair

Now, Mo’Nique has been focused on speaking to her fans directly and focusing on her health and wellness. The Maryland-born star has also been adamant about aging gracefully and not trying to force herself into some of Hollywood’s beauty standards. Mo’Nique is an Academy Award-winning actor who has worked in the entertainment industry for over […]

Virgil Abloh Drops New Swing State Voter Registration Incentive T-Shirt [Photos]

Virgil Abloh is focusing on swing states ahead of this year’s presidential election. Source: Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Proceeds from the tee will go to Abloh’s Post-Modern scholarship fund, which aims to open doors for Black creatives. The official scholarship description reads, “The Abloh Fund’s mission is to foster equity and inclusion within the fashion […]

Diddy, Dr. Steve Perry Open Third Charter School: “We Are Grooming Future Leaders”

Diddy wears many hats and during these trying times the icon is focusing part of his attention on education. Joining forces with Dr. Steve Perry on a third charter school, Diddy says that together they are grooming leaders. Source: Prince Williams / Getty “Capital Prep Bronx will start remote classes Tuesday and transition to ‘hybrid/in-person’ […]

25 Mental Health Apps, Directories, and Podcasts to Help Improve Black People’s Well-Being

Focusing on your mental health is an important aspect to well-being, but due to the stigma surrounding mental health, many people are afraid or embarrassed to discuss what they’re going through and seek help from qualified professionals. Within the Black community, racism and socioeconomic issues, like poverty, are a few factors impacting the mental health […]

NEW: The Everygirl’s Free, Printable Coloring Pages!

One way we’ve found helps us relax and stay sane is by focusing on a creative, meditative activity. Whether that’s making new art, cooking a favorite recipe, or practicing a fun dance, quieting the mind, even just for a little while, is our goal. We know that you’re dealing with a lot of stress and […]

Kristen Bell & Blake Lively Help Us Teach Kids About Hunger

This coronavirus pandemic is going to bring out the best and the worst in us. Let’s start our day by focusing on the former, because we just learned that Kristen Bell’s daughters helped her and Dax Shepard donate $150,007.96 to No Kid Hungry. Without scaring our own kids, we can use this moment as today’s […]