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8 Bollywood Characters We Couldn’t Help Fall In Love With

Bollywood is notoriously infamous for exaggerating and idealizing romantic relationships. Both films and television shows have tried their best to convince us how you meet the love of your life in college and how the wind blows on your face, and everything works in slow motion after you are in love. But that NEVER happens […]

Tom Cruise’s Dating History: From Recent Romance to His High School Sweetheart

New York native Tom Cruise is chiefly known for his career as an actor and his roles in blockbuster films; however, his fans have also pried into his personal life. Cruise decided to keep his romances private following his divorce from fellow actress Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell | Tome Cruise and Katie […]

Jamie Lee Curtis Says She Owes Her Whole Life to the “Halloween” Films

Curtis has played Laurie in seven “Halloween” films, including “Halloween Ends,” which comes out Oct. 14 in theaters and on Peacock. She also talked about how she ended up appearing in 1998’s “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later” and very briefly in 2002’s “Halloween: Resurrection.” According to Curtis, she went to director Carpenter and producer Debra […]

18 DIY Halloween Costumes Based on “The Purge” Franchise

In case you missed the initial hype, “The Purge” films and television series all revolve around one day every year when, in a 12-hour period, all crime (including murder and wearing white after Labor Day) is legal in a dystopian America. The horror franchise is a huge success both critically and financially and is an […]