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How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make $650,000 a Minute

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have become involved in several different business ventures and thanks to a lucrative deal with one company, they are actually making over $600,000 every 60 seconds. Here’s more on how they’re pulling down so much a minute. One of the things Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vowed to do […]

Kate Middleton’s Go-To Face Oil Is Reportedly This $50 Amazon Find

The Duchess of Cambridge is a beauty icon  Kate Middleton | Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Kate Middleton launched into the public eye when she married Prince William, heir to the British throne. As the Duchess of Cambridge, her list of royal duties has grown quite long. The queen seems to see potential in Middleton and […]

Kate Middleton Beats Out Meghan Markle and Princess Diana on New List

Now, the Duchess of Cambridge has just topped another “most influential” list above Diana and Meghan for an entirely different reason. Given their platform, royal women can be some of the most influential in the world. This was true with Princess Diana whose influence helped modernize the monarchy. She also influenced others with her activism […]