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Joe Pesci is the ‘Best Portrayer’ of a Mob Guy, Ex-Mob Boss Says

(L-R) Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in ‘Casino’ | Universal Pictures/Online USA Inc./Getty Images Appearing in nearly a dozen mob movies in his career, Pesci received critical acclaim for his performances and was even declared the most accurate mob guy by an actual major mafia man.  Legendary actor Joe Pesci has appeared in such […]

The Countertop Appliance Martha Stewart Says Makes a Great Christmas Present

If you’re anything like us, while you may have made several batches of Christmas cookies, have the tree decorated and lit, and have watched at least a dozen random Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime, you still have a few gifts left to buy. At this point, we’re looking for gifts we can buy at […]

Scammers Allegedly Received $200k From Fake Driver Scheme Targeting Delivery Apps

Federal Agents annouce the arrest of over a dozen people tied to a food delivery service scam involving identity theft, bots, and GPS spoofing all to steal money from referrals. Bossip Video As technology goes on to bring convenience to people’s lives, the loopholes people find to abuse for profit. Add the pandemic to the […]

When Your Restaurant’s Star Dish Is Blamed for Spreading Coronavirus

HONG KONG — What began as a classic Lunar New Year celebration ended with nearly a dozen members of a family sickened and a city of 7 million on edge. Nineteen members of an extended family gathered in January for hot pot — a traditional Chinese meal in which diners dip raw meat, seafood and […]

Why Chris Brown Isn’t Allowed to See His Infant Son Aeko

Chris Brown is one of the most successful R&B stars ever, with a string of hit singles and a career spanning more than a dozen years. But his personal life hasn’t been so stellar. He’s often been at the center of many controversies — from relationship drama to rumors about his alleged controlling behavior. One […]

Luxury’s Hidden Indian Supply Chain

Luxury’s Hidden Indian Supply Chain

MUMBAI, India — At the top of a staircase covered in dirt and sequins, several dozen Indian artisans hunched over yards of fabric, using needles to embroider garments for the world’s most powerful fashion brands. They sewed without health benefits in a multiroom factory with caged windows and no emergency exit, where they earned a […]