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32 Cloth Face Masks That Have Filter Pockets

From sleek black masks to colorful patterns, these 32 masks are optimal if you have reusable filters. Just keep reading to shop our top picks. Since the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is recommending all Americans wear some kind of face covering when out in public, we’re stocking up on all the comfortable options we […]

Am American Hero: Capitol Officer Eugene Goodman Escorted Vice President Kamala Harris At Inauguration

Eugene Goodman, the patriotic Black police officer who saved lives during that Soup Cookie coup took part in this historic inauguration. The Capitol Police officer’s courageous decision to divert insurrectionists from the Senate Chambers led to him escorting Vice President Kamala Harris to the inauguration ceremony. Goodman did so as acting deputy Senate sergeant at […]

MLK Day Is Also Watch Racist Scoundrels Play Themselves On Social Media Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day of service and celebration for a beautiful Black man who fought and lost his life for civil rights. Lately, it’s also become a day when brands and individuals with a well-documented history of epitomizing everything the late Dr. King was against—including outright racism—use his quotes to make […]

Who Is Lori Harvey? 5 Things To Know About Michael B. Jordan’s Girlfriend

Recently, the Black Panther actor was spotted touching down with model/ influencer Lori Harvey in Atlanta. While the speculations about their romantic involvement were kept hush-hush, the two finally came out announcing their relationship through sweet Instagram posts and captions. Michael B. Jordan is known for his acting chops, sharp sense of style, and charming […]

Kimmy From The Block: Kim K Gets Klowned Over Kasual Blackfishery For The Kazillionth Time

Here we go AGAIN, for the zillionth time, wondering if Kim Kardashian is TROLLING or genuinely believes she’s a Black woman after she posted her latest ‘urban outfit’ on Twitter/Instagram that immediately stirred up all sorts of messy shenanigans across social media. Oh, Kimmy… According to a source close to Kim, things could “get ugly” […]

Trump Is Reportedly Considering Pardons For Rappers Lil Wayne & Kodak Black

Trump is pondering issuing pardons for Lil Wayne and Kodak Black before leaving the white house. Bossip Video We are in the final days of Donald Trump and his time in office, but these last few weeks seem to be full of both expected and unexpected barriers. Yesterday, he incited a riot on the Capitol […]

ShopDisney’s Biggest Sale Is Back — Get 40% Off on Toys & Clothes

Related story Soul on Disney+ Is the Pixar Movie Black Families Deserve As the sale implies, ShopDisney doesn’t often slash prices, so it’s definitely worth checking out. ShopDisney boasts that this is one of their “biggest and best” sales, and we’re not going to disagree with them. Unlike retailers that offer up the discarded, unwanted […]