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Christian Bale Warned off Ewan McGregor From Taking ‘American Psycho’ Role

But before he became Patrick Bateman, the studio was looking at other actors to fill the slot. One of those actors was Ewan McGregor, who Bale discouraged from getting the role by warning him off. One of Christian Bale’s most iconic performances is as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. The movie is one of Bale’s […]

Christian Bale Almost Quit Being Batman Because He Had a Panic Attack in the Batsuit

Christian Bale thought the Batman character was laughable Christian Bale | Kevin Winter/Getty Images Despite the appreciation and gratitude he has for the character, Bale admitted that he really didn’t get Batman at first. Before getting into the headspace of the dark knight, he didn’t take the character seriously at all due to its concept. […]

How Christian Bale’s Wife Helped Him Land One of His Best Roles

But there was one role Bale initially felt that he couldn’t do justice, so much so that he almost backed out of the project. Luckily, his wife was there to help him secure the part that earned him his third Oscar nomination. It may be difficult to imagine someone like Christian Bale doubting his abilities […]

Christian Bale Met His Wife Through This ‘Stranger Things’ Star

Bale is a megastar, probably best known for his role as Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy. He’s been acting since he was 13, and was most recently seen in Ford v Ferrari in 2019. With award nominations under his belt, the English actor is an A-list Hollywood star.  A Stranger Things star is responsible for […]

Christian Bale Starved Himself On Tuna and Apples For His Most Acclaimed Role

Christian Bale’s career overview [embedded content] Christian Bale is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors and has been for years. He can star in a compelling, indie drama or a big-budget blockbuster and do great work in either setting. He’s been making movies since childhood, so at this point, he clearly knows what he’s doing. […]