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Keanu Reeves Can Hardly Contain His Excitement Around Puppies

When it comes to humans, Reeves might hang in the background. But there is proof that the actor can’t contain his excitement around puppies. Keanu Reeves has developed a one-of-a-kind personality over the course of his three decades of fame. The “John Wick” star often keeps to himself, choosing to even occasionally spend his birthday […]

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Have ‘Unreal’ Chemistry

Affleck was a much sought-after actor and Lopez had received critical acclaim for her roles in films like Selena and The Wedding Planner. She was also riding high off of the success of her first two albums, Jenny from the Block and J.Lo. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be giving their romance a […]

What Was Tom Cruise’s Shortest Public Relationship?

The Outsiders, Legend, and Rain Man were just a few of the many films the ambitious actor was cast in throughout the 1980s. The trend continued in the 1990s, and during this time Cruise was cast in critically-acclaimed films such as Jerry Maguire and Eyes Wide Shut. In 2002, he took the screen Mission: Impossible […]

Why Jane Fonda Has No Interest in Sleeping With Men Her Own Age

In a recent interview, the actor/ activist got candid about her love life, sharing that she’s no longer interested in dating. However, she is open to having a sexual relationship, that is if the right man happens to come along. Jane Fonda knows exactly what she wants in life and dating a man who’s the […]