You Can Buy Jennifer Lopez’s Crystal-Covered Starbucks Tumbler on Etsy For Under $150

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Lopez, you definitely know of her love for blinged-out cups. The singer and actress is frequently spotted sipping from crystal-covered tumblers on her Instagram and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s YouTube channel, and our favorite one has to be her go-to Starbucks cup. Jennifer’s tumbler, which is a creation by […]

I’m 22 and I Feel Like a Failure, Even Though on Paper I’m Anything But

I recently graduated from college, and while everyone keeps telling me how exciting this time in my life should be, I don’t really believe them. It’s been a lot more difficult than I care to admit. I’ve been suddenly thrust into a world where I feel expected to be resilient, all-knowing, and “on” at all […]

Coronavirus Live Updates: Outbreak Hits 49 States; Apple Shuts Most Stores

新冠病毒疫情最新消息 Here’s what you need to know: The coronavirus spreads to 49 states, and the House passes a sweeping relief package. Apple says it will close most stores worldwide for two weeks. Italians cope with quarantine by singing on their balconies. At American airports, lax screening raises concern. Everyone entering New Zealand must self-isolate, as […]

This Giant Scorpio Pool Float Has Claws, So Everyone Else Can Just Back Up

Just like pumpkin spice in the Fall, Hallmark movies in the Winter, and Peeps in the Spring, every Summer, pool floats are everywhere. Unicorn ones flood our Instagram feeds, we lounge on colorful llama ones, and we laugh at truly unique creations like this bald eagle one. But if you’re looking for something a little […]

I Have Watched This Graceful Cat Fall Off the Refrigerator Door at Least 43 Times

@savbmitchell i promise he’s ok, to be fair i did warn him tho ♬ original sound – savbmitchell Ever heard the phrase, “If it fits, I sits?” Well, it’s pretty much every cat on the planet’s motto, including this playful feline named Taylor, who delicately perched himself on top of a refrigerator door in his […]

Put Away Those Baking Pans, Because Fudge Brownie M&M’s Are Coming Back in April!

It might sound redundant, but chocolate M&M’s that are filled with . . . more chocolate are just plain genius. Well, technically they’re filled with fudge brownies, but you get the picture. The M&M’s, which were first announced back in July, are essentially slightly larger pieces filled with the gooey texture of fresh-baked brownies — […]