Hair Washing Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

 With the busy lifestyle we lead, taking care of our hair and skin can feel like a task. You probably talk to your hair and hope they are grateful for the weekly oil massages, nourishing masks, and frequent hair washes. But alas, it’s disheartening when after all that pampering, they prefer to rest in the […]

9 Proper Etiquettes That Many People Don’t Know About

 We know, reading up all the table manners, and trying to remember them in time all can be taxing. However, not all of them will be needed in our day to day lives. Simple etiquettes like using polite words, not hurting anyone’s sentiments, or abiding by basic chivalry are pretty good for being orderly in […]

11 Everyday Makeup Tips For People With Different Skin Types

 By now, you must have realized that the effects of cosmetics on various skin types differ. Even if a particular brand performs really well for eyeshadow, there may be a different brand option for lip color for the same skin type. This is because your lip skin and eyelid skin may be completely different. Strange, […]

How To Cut Curtain Bangs On Your Own

 How will you look if you cut your bangs? Well, you will never know unless you don’t try, will you? When you look at fringes, it seems like a simple cut you can master quickly. However, the internet is full of epic-fail videos of people trying to cut bangs on their own, resulting in thatched […]

7 Tips To Stay Clean and Fresh On Your Periods

 All thanks to newer and better sanitary hygiene products in the market, periods no longer feel like the end of the world. In fact, if cramps are reasonably kind to you, you won’t feel any different from any other day of your life. However, you need to maintain a certain level of hygiene during your […]

10 Mistakes Most Of Us Make When Using A Blow-Dryer

 Let us all take some time to appreciate how easy and wonderful blow dryers have made our lives. You can style your hair the way you want, you can dry your hair quickly, and even set your hair after a new haircut. However, even though it seems relatively straightforward, there are many common mistakes people […]

The Beauty Benefits Of Eggs You Should Know

 Eggs have long been used as one of the prime ingredients of skincare. Even as early as 3000 BCE, ostrich eggs were used along with other skin care ingredients to create the perfect recipe for addressing skin concerns of all kinds. Even though we can’t easily access ostrich eggs today, we can substitute them for […]

8 Stunning Types Of Highlights To Ask Your Stylist For

 We get it, coloring the whole length of your hair is a lot of commitment, so many are yet to take the bold step of dying their hair. But you cannot rule out the fact that it will make your hair vulnerable to damage. Thankfully there are other ways to style your hair color without […]

How To Determine The Growth Of New And Healthy Hair

 Every hair on your body finishes a complete growth cycle, after which it falls off independently. This might worry you considering the amount of hair you find on your comb, pillow, towel, or in the clogged drain. But thankfully, if new hair takes its place, your hair will never feel thin or damaged. So now […]