Tom Hanks & Wife Rita Wilson Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Tom Hanks, 63, and wife Rita Wilson, 63 shared Wednesday that they have tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus), they are the first celebrities to go public with a diagnosis. The married couple announced the news with a statement according to The New York Times.  “Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia,” Hanks said. “We […]

What All the Celebrity Book Clubs Are Reading This March

March has been a pretty bizarre month — everything’s felt a little uncertain, between the tumultuous Democratic primaries, the new coronavirus pandemic, and — of course — The Bachelor finale. So, what better time to immerse yourself in a book that takes place far, far away? These celebrity book club picks for March are the perfect […]

These Native American Baby Names for Boys Have Powerful Meanings

The indigenous peoples of both North and South America are as diverse as their tribes, languages, methods of communication, and cultural practices. With the all the differences within tribes and languages, come differences with names and baby-naming practices — however, there are also some pretty interesting similarities that run through many Native cultures. I am […]

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Are Co-Producing a True Crime Series — Please & Thank You

Calling fanatics of Snapped, Serial and all things true-crime-related! Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are co-producing a new true-crime TV series called Exhumed — the show has been given the green light by none other than Oxygen, a network proven to have a penchant for true-crime programming. And based on what we’ve learned about Exhumed […]

IKEA’s New Botanisk Collection Will Turn Your Home Into an Indoor Garden

How many house plants is too many? Um, there’s no such thing, duh! If you’re like us, you’ve jumped into the indoor gardening trend with no reservations. These days it’s totally normal to have like 30 succulents in your living room, and IKEA is finally getting in on the trend with their new BOTANISK collection. […]

Pink Stress-Cooking Over Coronavirus Concerns Is All of Us Right Now

With headlines dominated in recent weeks by the coronavirus, we’re all wound a little too tight right now. Case in point? A new video shows Pink stress-cooking to deal with her heightened level of coronavirus-related anxiety, and we feel this on a deeply personal level. After all, we all have to blow off some steam […]

Jenna Dewan & More Celeb Moms Posting Photos to #NormalizeBreastfeeding

Parenting pretty much always means hanging tight, blocking out the shamers, and developing a thick skin when it comes to how we feed our children (as if our weary postpartum bodies haven’t already been through enough). Formula-feed, and you face criticism from the “breast is best” camp. But breastfeed in public, and be prepared for […]

Did Disney+ Cancel the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot Because of These Sex Scenes?

When we heard Disney+ was pulling the plug on the long-awaited Lizzie McGuire reboot we were pretty bummed, and we weren’t alone. Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff took to social media with an impassioned plea for Hulu to pick up the series instead since they don’t share Disney’s concerns about “family-friendly” content. But all this time, we still […]

Costco is Now Selling See’s Candies and We Are Drooling

Is there anything better than strolling into Costco, food court hot dog in hand, grabbing an enormous cart, and filling it to the brim with everything from discounted Hunter boots and $4 rotisserie chickens to underrated Costco products and bargain-priced baby products? Sure, they may not be serving free samples at some of their stores […]

Eat These Foods to Boost Your Immune System

If there is one guarantee about your health, it’s that you’re going to get sick eventually. The good news is there are ways to boost your immune system and do a bit more to help protect yourself from nasty colds and coughs that seem to linger for days. Your immune system is your body’s defense […]