Does Ciara Still Have Her Future Tattoo?

Ciara on the red carpet at an event in November 2019 | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage Ciara got a tattoo for Future during their relationship She began dating the “Mask Off” rapper in 2013. After much tabloid speculation, Future confirmed their relationship that January, saying in an interview (via XXL): “The chemistry is there. It’s amazing. She […]

Why a Royal Staffer Hit Prince Andrew in the Face and Gave Him a Black Eye

His “car crash” interview garnered so much backlash that he had no choice but to temporarily step down from his royal duties. It was later reported that the prince would not resume any of his official duties. Now seen as the black sheep of the royal family, some fans have been wondering about Andrew’s past and his relationship with […]

Ever Wondered Why Your Hiccups Hurt? Experts Break It Down

Hiccups are unquestionably annoying. They always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times, and when they do surface, you can hiccup four to 60 times per minute. Thankfully, they’re usually short-lived and rarely serious. Hiccups are involuntary spasmodic contractions, primarily of the diaphragm and the muscles between the ribs, which are then followed by […]

Nate Berkus Is Here to Help You Get the Best Family Holiday Photo Yet

Related story Starbucks‘ 2020 Holiday Gifts Are Here & They’re More Colorful Than Ever Berkus, who’s dad to 5-year-old Poppy and 2-year-old Oskar, recently teamed up with Starbucks to curate a Holiday At-Home Portrait Series, which features four different families (plus his own!), as well holiday-photo tips and tricks. Is there a cuter, more photogenic […]

The Cast Of ‘Superbad’ Is Reuniting For A Watch Party To Vote Trump Out Of Office

While the current political climate is certainly dividing our country, there’s really nothing that brings people together more than bonding over a hatred of Donald Trump. Luckily for fans of the cult classic film Superbad, the cast seems to dislike him enough to get back together after 17 years. Bossip Video The Democratic Party of […]

Tracee Ellis Ross Reeeeally Hates Halloween For These Three Reasons [Video]

We all know and love Tracee Ellis Ross for her infectious smile and bubbly personality, but when it comes to a certain holiday, she’s just not feeling it. Bossip Video On Thursday night, the actress appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, making an in-studio appearance on a talk show for the first time […]

Prince Harry’s Behavior Is ‘Completely Alien’ To Prince Philip, Royal Biographer Says

Prince Philip’s typically ‘warmer’ toward Prince Harry and Prince William Prince Philip, Prince William, and Prince Harry at the Sandhurst Sovereign Parade | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images RELATED: Prince Philip’s Reaction When a Royal Chef Accidentally Called Him ‘Your Majesty’ Proves Just How Chill He Is Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex isn’t […]