5 Ways To Make Chemical-Free Cosmetics At Home

 When you think about how makeup products like lipstick or foundation are made, you probably imagine big factory machines and people in lab coats checking on them. Well, that is exactly the way cosmetics are made in a commercial setting. However, did you ever wonder what would happen if you could make your own beauty […]

10 Hair And Makeup Mistakes That Are Low-Key Aging You

 We know how tiring a working day can be, and saving energy for your skin and hair care routine could potentially drain you out. Most of us end up splashing water on the face in the name of skin care and perhaps shampooing for hair care. But this practice is not as harmless as it […]

7 Easy Ways To Remove Kajal From Eyes

 Kajal is one of the favorite go-to makeup products for the majority of people. Who wouldn’t want something so handy and smooth to brighten up your eyes and give them depth. However, we can all agree on the biggest drawback of kajal or any other eye makeup; removing them before going to bed! While products […]

6 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Common Annoying Beauty Problems

 No one said being a woman was easy. In fact, being a woman sometimes means enduring pain to undo natural processes that happen to all human beings. This includes shaving, plucking, tweezing, and other painful methods you can think of in order to remove unwanted body hair. Of course, we know you don’t like it, […]

What Causes Skin Chafing, And How To Treat It

 Understanding skin chafing won’t take more than a minute as there is a good chance it troubled you too at some point in time. Skin chafing is the result of either friction caused between the skin, wearing irritating fabric, or excess moisture trapped in the skin folds. Even though the causes are different, the results […]

How To Remove Chewing Gum From Anything And Everything

 Remember when we chose to chew gum because it looked cool? Then, it was pretty common to spot teens with blown bubble gum on their lips and a skateboard in hand. But now, gums are more than just a device to look dope. They come in numerous flavors and are sugar-free to help you exercise […]

How To Choose The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

 By now, you know that a perfect haircut depends on more than just your hair type. Your hair texture and face cut have a lot to do with how the haircut looks on you. But, just like your hair type, you must also determine your face shape. And it will be much easier once you […]

9 Things That Proves Your Bra Is Not The One For You

 A woman always has a love-hate relationship with her bra. She can’t go out without it and can’t feel relaxed in it. Sadly, this is the story of the majority of women across the world. But the irony is, a bra is not the enemy that causes discomfort. Wearing the wrong shape and size is […]

9 Common Beauty Habits That Can Make You Look Older

 There is one thing people fear more than getting old; looking old! It almost feels like a catastrophe when you spot the first wrinkle and spot on your face. But, alas, you cannot fight old age. It’s natural; no matter how much you try to delay it, it eventually catches up to all of us. […]

11 Eastern Culinary Secrets That Can Add Spice To Your Cooking

 The world is a platter of various cuisines, and Middle Eastern cuisine outranks most of them with its exotic flavor and colorful meals. In addition to this they are also well-known for their unconventional cooking techniques, which are simple enough even for novice cooks to pick up without adding any unusual ingredients or spices. So, […]