Lil’ B Considering Cursing Coronavirus

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues impacting lives around the globe, one Bay Area-based rapper is considering putting his infamous Based God curse on the highly contagious disease. The rapper posted on Twitter recently that he was thinking about issuing the Based God curse on the coronavirus, though first, he had some research to do on […]

Aaron Carter’s Girlfriend Gets Arrested

Fans of Aaron Carter have a lot of questions since they haven’t seen many posts involving Carter with his girlfriend lately. He also changed the name of his OnlyFans page, making some believe there is trouble in paradise. It turns out Melanie Martin got arrested and Carter says they are done. Read on to learn […]

Who Is Quentin Tarantino’s Wife?

Quentin Tarantino’s been on a hot streak for decades. The longtime Oscar-winning Once Upon a Time in Hollywood director may rule the roost when it comes to blockbuster movies, but it’s his wife who, in her own right, does the same thing for music. She wasn’t present at the Golden Globes this year, but Tarantino […]

Olivia Wilde Brutally Called Out Vanessa Hudgens On Her Ignorant Coronavirus Views

The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the globe, and political leaders have called upon everyone to step up and live responsibly over the next few weeks in order to keep the virus contained and to help “flatten the curve.” While many movie stars, singers, and other public figures have spoken out about the importance of social […]

6 Ways to Style Your Leggings (Since That’s All We’re Wearing RN)

If there’s any sliver of a silver lining to the times we’re living in now, there are exactly two: Spending all day, every day with your dog Leggings officially being considered work pants If you’re officially on the work-from-home indefinitely train, you’ve more than likely put all your jeans and trousers on a leave of […]

Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Secret Circus Fans?

We know that Prince William and Kate Middleton are two of the most down to earth royals ever. For years, they have been proving to everyone that they are just like the rest of us in so many ways. Whether it be that they are ordering a delicious take out dinner to enjoy in the […]