How Many Kids Does Chris Rock Have?

Chris Rock is known for more than being a stand-up comedian. The actor has appeared in numerous films, voiced multiple animated characters, and gives back wherever he can. Above all else, Rock is a father. How many children does he have? Chris Rock and ex-wife, Malaak Compton, had a difficult divorce Chris Rock spends Father’s […]

How ‘One Day At a Time’ Will Catch Pop Viewers Up On the Netflix Seasons

One Day at a Time was back up and running on Pop after Netflix cancelled it. Then they had to shut down tapings due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. They will still make their premiere date. So we’ll at least have some new Season 4 episodes to watch while we’re self-isolating.  L-R: Rita Moreno, Justina […]

Get Your Best Smile Ever With These Teeth Whitening Kits

Look at the smiles of your favorite celebs and influencers and you’ll likely notice that they have one thing in common: dazzling white teeth. Unfortunately, for many of us mere mortals, coffee, wine and food stains — or just our genetics — may have left us with a less-than-gleaming grin. Of course, many dentists offer […]

Sandra Bullock’s Southern Home Base is a Dream

It is well-known that celebrities generally live near Los Angeles or New York City. These are entertainment industry hot spots that allow musicians and actors to be near their workplaces, important events, and networking opportunities. However, Sandra Bullock seems to be different than her peers. The actress has a home quite far away from both […]

10 Healthy Habits Everyone Who Sits at a Desk All Day Should Have

So you love your job, or like many, maybe you’re just enduring it. But you also love your body and want to take care of your health! Shouldn’t be too hard, right? If you’re someone like me whose day-to-day income requires sitting at a desk all day, keeping your health in tip-top shape can be […]

Ellen DeGeneres Deems Miley Cyrus ‘Officially a Very Good Talk Show Host’

When it comes to currently active talk show hosts, we often think of the late-night crowd. But as far as daytime programming goes, the conversation goes nowhere without including Ellen DeGeneres. The star of The Ellen DeGeneres Show has on many of today’s most popular celebrities, including musician and actor Miley Cyrus. Ellen DeGeneres and […]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Simple yet Adorable Nicknames for Each Other

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are no strangers to nicknames. While they call each other by their full names in public per royal protocol (it’s why royal fans will never hear Prince William, Duke of Cambridge refer to his wife as “Kate” instead of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge during interviews […]

The ‘Niqab Squad’ Wants Women To Be Seen Differently

TEMBORO, Indonesia — Only the rider’s eyes were visible from behind her black face veil. With a bow in her left hand and an arrow in her right, she cantered her horse toward a target, aimed quickly and let fly. The arrow struck home with a resounding pop. The rider, Idhanur, who like many Indonesians […]