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10 Common Habits That Can Make Your Deodorant Less Effective

Deodorant is an essential hygiene care product, as it helps us suppress the unpleasant odor sweating may generate. However, many are not very pleased with the lasting effects of their deodorants. Of course, investing in a good deodorant should help you feel fresh and keep the stench of sweat at bay, but if that is […]

6 Secrets To Smell Good All Day

You must have seen numerous advertisements of deodorants and perfumes that promise to make people around you follow you like the mice did Pied Piper. Well, as you must have guessed, the chances of that happening are next to never. But that doesn’t rule out that a pleasant smell positively affects people around you. Think […]

6 Ways To Freshen Your Breath After Eating Garlic Or Onion

Imagine going on a date, ordering a spicy meal with a side salad, and then realizing that your breath is sabotaged by the smell of garlic and onion. In many cultures, onion and garlic are used as condiments to enhance the flavor and scent of a wide range of foods. Both chemicals, however, leave a […]

One Minute Is All It Takes To Go From Drab To Fab In Six Yards Of Elegance

For ages, we’ve seen how the fashion industry has traveled from long, flowing gowns to LBDs to oversized tees, but little can replace the elegance of a saree. From the embellished crimson-and-white Bengali saree in Dola Re Dola to the royal blue georgette making heads turn in Badtameez Dil, the six-yard staple has served stunning […]

9 Tips To Use Public Restrooms Safely

We are all germaphobes when using public restrooms. No matter how often they clean it or how many room fresheners they install in the washrooms, it will never be as clean or comfortable as home. Also, the cleanliness and hygiene practices of public restrooms differ from what you do at home. Here in this article, […]

5 Ways To Maintain Your Hair Color And 5 Things That Can Ruin It

The fad for hair color never seems to fade, and we love how each season brings a new hair color trend to us. We have experimented with highlights, dip dye, full colors and under lights, and each of them changes your look for the best. Unfortunately, those new to hair coloring fear that the color […]

12 Hotel Room Decor Tricks We Should Borrow For Our Homes

One major perk of traveling is checking into gorgeous hotel rooms. When you enter your hotel room, the decor never fails to disappoint you. Everything about the room seems to lift your spirits. Starting from the soothing aroma to the mellow lighting, it is all picture-perfect. Wouldn’t it be great to study the decorating style […]

6 Tips To Walk Like A Pro In Heels

There are two kinds of people on earth, one who wears high heels like it’s a part of their body, and others who can wear heels just when standing at a place with support. Your interest in this article shows that you belong to the second category who longs for gorgeous heels but can’t master […]

14 Real Names Of Body Parts Most Of Us Are Unaware Of

We know what you are thinking, you studied the parts of the human body back in school, and you don’t plan on revising it all over again. Of course, we know the terms of most of the body parts, but there are still parts that might have a different name than you are used to […]

A Complete Guide To Women’s Hairstyles

Every time you step into a salon and let your stylist decide what haircut you should get, you face 30-45 minutes of anxiety about what your hair will look like after the new cut. Of course, you trust the professions, but the haircut they choose might differ from what you envisioned. Also, there is a […]