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Indigenous Groups Isolated by Coronavirus Face Another Threat: Hunger

For many of them, the morning arepa — a traditional corn meal pastry, stuffed with meat — is their only meal of the day. BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Every morning at a school in the vast desert along the Colombian coast, 40 children, all part of the country’s largest Indigenous group, the Wayuu, gather before class […]

Ecuador Gives Glimpse Into Pandemic’s Impact on Latin America

The calamity unfolding in Ecuador’s business capital, Guayaquil, offers an ominous look at how officials’ ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America can be dangerously hamstrung by the inequality, weak public services and fragile economies that mark much of the region. QUITO, Ecuador — Bodies left out on sidewalks. The authorities struggling […]

China’s Coronavirus Battle Is Waning. Its Propaganda Fight Is Not.

But China could not savor the praise for long. In recent days, foreign leaders, even in friendly nations like Iran, have questioned China’s reported infections and deaths. A top European diplomat warned that China’s aid to the continent was a mask for its geopolitical ambitions, while a Brazilian official suggested the pandemic was part of […]

Japan Declared a Coronavirus Emergency. Is It Too Late?

As the country now declares a state of emergency in the face of a worrisome rise in cases, medical experts are wondering whether the move on Tuesday has come just in time to avoid calamity, or is too little, too late. TOKYO — For months, Japan has confounded the world by reporting a relatively low […]

With Boris Johnson in Intensive Care, U.K. Faces a Leadership Quandary

Britain, with no written constitution, does not have a codified order of succession. That legal lacuna has prompted questions during prior episodes where prime ministers fell ill or underwent surgery, and now looms large at a time when Britain faces its greatest crisis since World War II. LONDON — The British government hurtled into uncharted […]

Powerful Cyclone Rips Through Vanuatu, Cutting Communications

The Category 5 cyclone made landfall on Monday on an island north of the capital, Port Vila. It cut off “many areas” of the country’s northern provinces, the authorities said. It was later downgraded to a Category 4 storm. Cyclone Harold ripped through Vanuatu for a second straight day on Tuesday, cutting off communications in […]

As Himalayas Warm, Nepal’s Climate Migrants Struggle to Survive

In the village of Dhye, crops are stubby, dead stalks. Water is scarce. The only school closed a few years ago. With dwindling food, most families have packed their belongings and left, driven out by a faceless, man-made enemy. DHYE, Nepal — High in the Himalayas, on a rugged plateau dotted with empty mud huts, […]

Finland, ‘Prepper Nation of the Nordics,’ Isn’t Worried About Masks

The stockpile, considered one of Europe’s best and built up over years, includes not only medical supplies, but also oil, grains, agricultural tools and raw materials to make ammunition. Norway, Sweden and Denmark had also amassed large stockpiles of medical and military equipment, fuel and food during the Cold War era. Later, most all but […]

Coronavirus Strands China’s Students, in a Dilemma for Beijing

The coronavirus outbreak has stranded more than one million Chinese students in empty dormitories and fearful towns and cities around the world. Many of those overseas students want to flee back to China, where official numbers suggest that the authorities have made progress in containing the pandemic. Fear, politics and the competing priorities of the […]

A German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low

They take a blood test, looking for signs that a patient is about to go into a steep decline. They might suggest hospitalization, even to a patient who has only mild symptoms; the chances of surviving that decline are vastly improved by being in a hospital when it begins. They call them corona taxis: Medics […]