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Young Guy Nurses Old Man Until Death, Inherits Huge Part of His Legacy

The guy took to Reddit’s famous “ProRevenge” subreddit to narrate a story that brought an elderly man’s “PERFECT REVENGE” on his family to light. A young man is stormed by an unexpected shock of a lifetime after volunteering to care for a wealthy older man until his death.  A young guy who nurses an old […]

‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner, Who Plays the Unlucky in Love Ruth Langmore, Is Actually Happily Married to Mark Foster

“Ozark” star Julia Garner plays the ambitious and practical yet unlucky-in-love Ruth Langmore. After her relationship with Ben Davis, played by Tom Pelphrey, ends, the star finds herself single. Fans all recognize Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore in the crime drama series “Ozark.” Despite her character being unlucky in love, the star is happily married […]