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California Boy, 3, Is Fighting for Life After Being Hit While Crossing Road With His Mom

A mother-son duo suffered a horrific hit-and-run accident while crossing the road one evening in a highly unfortunate turn of events. The gut-wrenching incident forever changed their world, ambushing their lives at the least expected moment.  Every parent wishes to provide a loving, safe, and supportive environment for their children… Go to Source

Marlee Matlin’s 4 Children: A Look inside the ‘Coda’ Star’s Beautiful Family

When Marlee Matlin made her historical 1987 Academy Award win, the young actress was also winning a battle with addiction in private. The deaf actress now has a strong support structure at home with her former cop husband and their children. Marlee Matlin | Actress Marlee Matlin (centre) with her children Isabelle Grandalski , Tyler […]

Mom Is Devastated After Losing Daughter, 12, Who Was Shot Dead in Front of Her Just Few Steps From Home

A 12-year-old Milwaukee girl and her mother were unloading groceries from their car when something unexpected happened that changed their lives forever. Olivia and Darryl Schultz | Olivia Schultz and Celeste Wilson | Source: | Celeste Wilson lived with her teenage daughter, Olivia Schultz, and five other children on the northern side of […]