Author: Sara

Faded Roses! The 15 Shortest Bachelor Relationships

Its fanbase even has a moniker — Bachelor Nation. Since its explosive debut, the Chris Harrison-hosted reality dating show seems to have gotten more popular with age, a rarity in the world of reality TV. The Bachelor became an ABC sensation the moment it premiered March 22, 2002. Since then, the television smash hit has […]

Man, Thou Art Obtuse: Lecrae Takes Lashing For Letting Pro-Plantation Pastor Spin Slavery Into “White Blessing”, Congregation Castigates Him Communion Cracker Flat

Lecrae. Brotha, brotha, brotha…your spine has to be made of something more than Jell-O, especially these days. Source: Paras Griffin / Getty You see, Lecrae recently sat down for a discussion with Pastor Louie Giglio and Chick-fil-a CEO Dan Cathy (a man who has made copious bigoted remarks in the past) to talk about injustice, […]

What Rita Wilson Made Tom Hanks Promise to Do for Her After She Dies

Actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson attend HBO’s Post 2014 Golden Globe Awards Party in 2014 | Mike Windle/Getty Images At age 63, Rita Wilson has a clear vision for what she wants her family to do after she passes on Recently, AARP spoke to actress and singer Rita Wilson. She discussed her songwriting and performing […]

Watch And Learn: The Blackhouse Foundation Kicks Off Their Entrepreneur Series With Reginald Hudlin

Today, The Blackhouse Foundation announced the first in a series of insightful and inspirational Entrepreneur discussions with filmmakers (directors, producers, and executives) and aims to help participants pivot or stay the course in the current ever-changing social, political and business environments and better understand how being entrepreneurial creates more opportunity for critical impact, success and […]

‘Seinfeld’ Writers Thought Elaine Would Ruin Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Career

To be exact, the popular series has managed to produce over 3 billion dollars since the series concluded. Find out more about the premise of Seinfeld and why some of the show’s writers were so concerned about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ career.  Seinfeld has become one of the most iconic shows over the years. The beloved and […]

This Regal Photo Shoot Reimagines Disney Princesses With a “Twist of Black Girl Magic”

This whimsical photoshoot is a special “passion project” of LaChanda’s. It’s “a collection [of] princess classic[s] reimagined with a twist of Black girl magic,” she told POPSUGAR. The series draws inspiration from familiar tales, like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, and more. LaChanda enlisted the help of costume designers from across the globe — from […]

Cute Memory Boxes for Storing Your Precious Mementos

We found the best memory boxes for you. There’s one for parents, so they remember to save some very important items in their haze of raising a newborn baby. They’ll want to display this stylish box in their homes. There’s another fun option that’s covered in fun typography. We also have a plain, sturdy memory […]