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Chatbooks Co-Founder Vanessa Quigley Venmos Her Kids Their Allowance

Ask any mom to show you her phone’s camera roll and it’s practically guaranteed to be populated with hundreds — if not thousands — of photos of her kids. But when it comes to getting said pictures off of the digital device and printed IRL, the universal through-line is that it simply doesn’t happen. Who has […]

What Was ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Thinking? Fans Are Flipping Out Over Alex Karev’s Farewell

Grey’s Anatomy (finally) said goodbye to Dr. Alex Karev last night, after announcing in early January that actor Justin Chambers was leaving the show. While Chambers’ last episode aired in November, fans have been eagerly awaiting a proper farewell episode and an explanation for why his character would suddenly disappear. Well, as last night’s episode revealed, Alex […]