12 Stylish Short Hairstyles From The 60’s

From Twiggy’s stylish pixie cut to Marilyn Monroe’s blonde short fluffy hair, the 60s was the best decade for short hair! Keep reading to check out some audacious 60s short hairstyles that would still turn heads and hearts. Scroll down, read our top 12 retro hairstyles for short hair, and pick your favorite one! You might not like or have short hair, but scanning through this list, you surely will covet it.

Before You Get Started

Since ‘60s hairstyles have a vintage look, figure out whether your existing wardrobe will complement any of these looks.
Short hair needs considerably less product than longer strands do. Therefore, refrain from using too much product as it will weigh down your hair and make it appear flat and greasy.
Keep up with regular trims to maintain your short hair and get rid of dead ends, split hair, and excessively dry or otherwise damaged hair.
Since short hair dries quickly, you should air-dry it as excessive heat styling can cause damage.

60’s Short Hairstyles – Top 12
1. Rocky Mullet
Have you ever met a person who did not like the hairstyles of the 60s? I mean they are still as trendy as they were back then. American Singer Joan Jett’s signature rocking hairstyle will rock your world too. The uneven haircut with rough bangs can make your leather jacket look dapper. It doesn’t get edgier than this!
2. The Marilyn Monroe
Everyone wanted to be Marilyn Monroe in the early 60s. Everything about her was iconic from her curves to her curls. Her trademark blonde hair made many women want to color their hair too. This American actress was the epitome of glamor, a whole generation could not think beyond her in that era. Recreate this look with hot rollers or a …
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