Month: December 2022

6 Early Signs Your Hair Has Build-Up And How To Fix It

You might have noticed that every surface of your house accumulates a certain amount of dust and filth daily, which is why dusting is necessary. Unfortunately, just like them, even our skin and hair are exposed to dust and dirt, which settles under the shelter of hair roots and forms grime. And out of all […]

7 Sleep Hacks To Boost Your WFH Productivity

Who would have guessed that working from home would become a lifestyle a few decades back? But now that it has, many of us are ransacking for self determination and discipline for working efficiently from the comfort of our homes. No matter how much you try, you will be lured into taking a nap, snacking, […]

How To Choose The Right Bra For Different Outfits

The secret to a perfectly fitted bust is a good bra, and every woman knows how much a bra contributes to making you look perfect and feel confident. There are different kinds of bras designed to complement various kinds of outfits, and knowing this will help you prevent any wardrobe malfunction. Read on to learn […]

10 Ways To Stop Dandruff With Herbal Therapy

Winter is here, and so is your fear of dandruff flakes making heaps on your shoulders. However, those in a constant battle with dandruff know that it is not just the doing of a dry scalp. In fact, fungi and bacterias thrive well on the oily scalp and multiply when there is an abundance of […]

Best Spots To Apply Perfume To Make The Fragrance Linger Longer

It is believed that a person’s choice of perfume reflects their personality. Also, the fragrance you choose to wear for different occasions may say a lot about you and your current mood. Similarly, the places you apply the perfume and the application method may enhance the strength and longevity of the smell. Want to know […]

10 Myths About Women’s Body You Need To Know

Every child is terrified of swallowing watermelon seeds with the irrational fear of a watermelon farm growing in their stomach. As kids, we all believe in ridiculous myths passed down through generations. And, as we grow older, we keep dissolving them with reasons. But what if we told you some myths are woven so rigidly […]

7 Body Features That Women Should Stop Feeling Insecure About

We live in a world where society dictates the beauty standards we are expected to fit into. Be it maintaining perfectly shaped eyebrows, a preference for a specific skin tone, or a preferred body type, we all struggle to be a part of what is considered acceptable. It’s amusing that the beauty standards keep changing […]

10 Haircuts That Make Petite Women Look Cuter

There is something about dainty and petite women that can make anyone go “awww” over them. Without even trying, gamine are the cutest in the room, and no matter what their age is, they look no older than their youthful teens. So, if you are one of the blessed women with a petite body structure, […]

8 Things That Can Happen If You Stop Wearing Makeup

Makeup is an art, and if you have successfully mastered the talent of contouring, blending, and finding the perfect shade of makeup that complements your skin tone, we salute you. There are people who apply makeup so flawlessly that they are able to convince everyone that there is no makeup on their skin. However, in […]

These Winter Coats Are Too Good To Pass Up!

Are you one of those people who have waited too long to do your winter shopping and now realize that you are out of options for trendy and stylish winter wear? Worry not! To help you select some elegant, classy, and warm winter wear, we have shortlisted some coats, jackets, and even shackets that you […]