Fyre Festival Scammer Billy McFarland Finished His 4-Year Prison Sentence and Plans to Get Into Tech

However, with the recent news that McFarland was released from prison, many people are interested in his next steps – and it should come as no surprise to anyone who follows McFarland’s exploits that he already has a plan outlined. 

Pop culture fans who love following celebrity scandals were introduced to Billy McFarland when the 2019 documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened dropped on Netflix. McFarland, who had a background in developing startups before he launched the ambitious festival that ultimately crashed and burned, was sentenced to prison time thanks to the Fyre Festival scam and has been out of the public eye.

Attendees paid exorbitant fees in order to attend the festival, which was supposed to include lavish accommodations and chef-prepared meals. However, logistics concerns overwhelmed McFarland and his team, and when guests arrived on Great Exuma island, they were met with sad conditions, including cramped tents and pre-packaged sandwiches.