Prince Harry ‘Swapped Positions’ With Queen Camilla, Says Author

During the funeral services for Queen Elizabeth II, some royal watchers sensed tensions are running high. One author says Prince Harry has “swapped positions” with Camilla Parker Bowles when it comes to popularity.

There has been speculation about the state of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship with the royal family members. Some body language experts and commentators suspect things aren’t going smoothly among the royals.

Levin believes Prince Harry has “swapped positions” with Camilla. She was once seen as an “outcast,” and many were not fond of her because of her history with the late Princess Diana and Charles. Some people blamed Camilla for the end of their marriage.

According to commentator Neil Sean, Meghan and Harry’s popularity seems to have declined because of the way he says they present themselves. “Harry and Meghan’s popularity, allegedly, has plummeted even further,” says Sean during an online commentary. “Not just here in the United Kingdom, but worldwide. More so in America where they need to solidify their brand.”

“For Harry and Meghan, it’s a lot more difficult,” says Sean. “A simple reason when you think about it is the fact that they’ve done so many things that have proven negative towards the British monarchy.” In Sean’s opinion, Meghan and Harry are hurting their reputations by focusing too much on being “victims.”

Sean says the couple used to be “well-loved” but fell out of favor. According to him, when you’re part of the British monarchy, “it’s all about popularity.” Sean says one’s presentation impacts whether there are high or low approval ratings.

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Sean says it became evident the couple’s popularity was dipping after they were booed when they left a Platinum Jubilee church service in June (there were also some cheers mixed in with the boos). Sean notes other people were booed as well, including former United Kingdom prime minister Boris Johnson.

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