Why Some Believe Bob Dylan Lied in His Memoir and Interviews: ‘A Pack of Lies’

A black and white picture of Bob Dylan standing in front of a window.
Bob Dylan | Express Newspapers/Getty Images

Bob Dylan published an autobiography in 2004

Dylan published his long-awaited memoir in 2004. The book follows the songwriter in his early years in New York City but also tracks him as he worked on the 1970 album New Morning and 1989’s Oh Mercy

In 2004, Bob Dylan released his autobiography, Chronicles: Volume One. The book tracks the musician’s life as he worked on three separate albums. It was a well-received book, but some Dylan biographers have wondered if it’s more a work of fiction than fact. Similarly, Dylan has told contradictory stories about life events in interviews. This has led some to question whether Dylan has been honest in the stories he tells about himself. 

Some believe that Bob Dylan was lying in his autobiography and interviews

After the publication of Chronicles: Volume One, some of Dylan’s biographers cast doubt on the book’s truthfulness.