George Harrison and His Sister Had a Falling Out Over a Beatles-Themed Bed-and-Breakfast

A black and white picture of George Harrison singing into a microphone and playing guitar.
George Harrison | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

George Harrison’s sister manages a Beatles cover band

Shortly after Harrison died, Louise decided to put together a Beatles tribute band to honor her brother’s work. 

Fame can tear people apart, as George Harrison and his sister Louise learned in the 1990s. The siblings had been close, but they had a falling out that put them out of contact for years. The argument was caused by an Illinois bed-and-breakfast Harrison’s sister used her family name to promote. Harrison was reportedly so upset by the name of the bed-and-breakfast that he and his sister stopped speaking.

The siblings had a falling out over a bed-and-breakfast

Years earlier, Louise made another nod toward her brother’s music career with a bed-and-breakfast in her Illinois home. Louise did not own the establishment, but she used her name and connection to Harrison to promote it.