‘Sister Wives’ Star, Kody Brown, Claims There Was No Intimacy in Marriage to Christine Brown Because She Was ‘Being Mean’

Sex was missing from Kody and Christine’s marriage for some time 

Christine Brown’s marriage was not a happy one. If the mother of six is being honest, it probably was never a true love match. Christine even described her wedding day as morose. Still, things really turned sour when the family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona, in 2018. In recent years, Christine has talked openly about a lack of intimacy and sex in her marriage. Kody’s lack of interest in reviving their physical relationship factored heavily into Christine’s decision to leave. 

In November 2021, Christine Brown announced the end of her spiritual marriage to Kody Brown. Sister Wives fans are learning during season 17 of the series that the announcement was a long time in the making. Since separating from Kody, Christine has talked openly and honestly about the end of her marriage and what exactly was the final straw. In the upcoming episode of the series, Kody finally admitted why, in his opinion, there was no intimacy in his marriage to Christine. Kody alleges he thought Christine was “being mean.” 

Kody Brown said he thought Christine Brown was being ‘mean.’ 

Christine’s dissatisfaction with her marriage has been heavily highlighted on Sister Wives. In season 16 and now season 17 of Sister WivesTLC has opted to highlight how Christine feels and what led the mother of six to abandon polygamy altogether. In a clip from the upcoming episode, Kody finally revealed what he thinks the biggest barrier to intimacy was.