Mike Tyson Allegedly Sexually Harassing 17-Year-Old Eve Resurfaces Amid Boxer’s Revelation to Pay Remy Ma for a Night Together

Mike Tyson caught in candid photo; Tyson allegedly sexually assaulted rapper Eve
Mike Tyson caught in candid photo | Sean Dempsey – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Eve remembers an uncomfortable Mike Tyson encounter

The Queens star discussed her first encounter with the former heavyweight champion of the world, and it was not a pleasant one. She says while attending an award show, Tyson approached her and told her: “I’m going to f–k the s–t outta you.”

Mike Tyson is a hot subject right now. With a biopic said to be in the works and a series about his life and career currently streaming on Hulu, more about the boxer is being revealed. Just as much as he’s beloved in sports, he’s had the same amount – if not more – controversial moments. Tyson is notorious for the way he’s gone after women, even being accused of rape. After recently sharing a story about his unconventional pursuit of Remy Ma, a story about him allegedly sexually harassing Eve has resurfaced. 

Source: YouTube

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Eve recalled being frightened. “I remember I was like I’m only 17,” she said, adding that she was “scared” and “walked fast” to get away from Tyson. “But Kiss [Jadakiss] and them was like you may have to take one for the team (laughs) because that’s Mike Tyson, and that’s when he was biting people’s ear off.”