Why Kim Kardashian Fans Think Pete Davidson Dumped Her

In the wake of Kardashian and Davidson’s recent breakup, some fans have expressed that they are suspicious of the timing of everything, in particular how the announcement coincided with some other controversial Kardashian news. 

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson created a storm of publicity when they first took their relationship public in late 2021. The unlikely pair first got close when Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live. Although many fans thought that their eventual romance was just a publicity stunt, the two defied the odds and dated for close to a year before recently announcing that they had split.

Over the months that followed, Kardashian and Davidson were spotted frequently, causing a media firestorm wherever they went and stirring up a lot of conversation amongst the Kardashian fan base. While Kardashian’s ex, rapper Kanye West, wasn’t supportive of the relationship and frequently slammed Davidson online, Kardashian certainly seemed to be happy with her comedian partner.