Robert Downey Jr. Once Improvised When Tom Holland Made a Mistake on Set

Successful improvisation is down to the chemistry between actors. Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.’s chemistry was easy to see right from the get-go. Their ability to sublimely play off another was evident from their characters’ first scenes in Captain America: Civil War when Peter Parker was recruited into Team Iron Man.   

The Marvel Cinematic Universe features notable lines performed by stellar actors. It’s therefore easy to assume that every scene is performed as per the writers’ guidelines sparing zero room for any surprises. Yet this is far from the truth; actors occasionally flip the script, offering a personal touch to the characters they’re playing.

Mr. Stark goes to sit on the bed, but Peter forgets to move and blocks Tony. Downey Jr. reacts by saying: “I’m gonna sit here, so you move the leg.” Marvel Studios News cites director Anthony Russo’s comments about the piece of improvisation:

One of the most famous and well-documented friendships in the MCU is between Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. According to GQ, the first time the two met was during Holland’s audition for Civil War. Downey Jr. saw the potential behind the fledgling actor’s initial anxiety and took him aside. “I remember the feeling,” he stated. “I’ve been through this before, and it is incredibly stressful. Enjoy the process and let your body take over.” Needless to say, Holland must have done something right. Downey Jr. felt of all the candidates who’d auditioned, Holland looked the best equipped to tackle the role.

Are the two friends in real life, though?