Kate Middleton Helped a Fan Solve a Crossword Puzzle Clue About Queen Elizabeth

One fan recently decided to get Kate’s help for a crossword puzzle that had a royal-related clue. Fortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge was able to give them the answer.

Wherever Kate Middleton goes, there are fans hoping to catch a glimpse of her and maybe even have a little chat with her.

The couple—who goes by the titles Earl and Countess of Strathearn when they are in Scotland—visited various places in the country as a part of Mental Health Awareness Week. For example, they visited the Wheatley Group in Glasgow to see the organization’s work in helping people facing poverty and homelessness. The pair also went to the University of Glasgow to talk to students and staff members about mental health.

During several parts of Kate and William’s tour, fans got a chance to meet the royal couple. When Kate and William came to the University of Glasgow, one student decided to ask them for help with a crossword puzzle.

Kate Middleton helped a fan solve a crossword puzzle clue about Queen Elizabeth