Ricky Gervais Speaks Out About Will Smith’s Slap at the Oscars: ‘It Didn’t Look Fair; It Looked Like Bullying’

Veteran comedian Ricky Gervais has hosted several award shows. He’s never been afraid to call out celebrities from the stage. So, naturally, people want to know what he thought about the debacle. Recently, Gervais finally addressed Smith’s slap.

The aftermath of the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident at the Academy Awards may last longer than most imagined. The situation has received extensive media coverage, with everyone and their grandmother weighing in on the slap and debating whether it was deserved.

Gervais took the stage, opening his monologue by admitting he didn’t know what Twitter was. The Office co-creator further warned those in attendance that it was his last time hosting the popular awards shows. Gervais offered a disclaimer saying, “I don’t care anymore. I never did.” The comedian took a jab at NBC for taking him on five times, while fellow comedian Kevin Hart instantly got fired for tweeting offensive jokes.