‘The Wolf of Wall Street’: Margot Robbie Considered This Scene Worse Than Sharon Stone’s ‘Basic Instinct’ Shot

Margot Robbie once revealed the Wolf of Wall Street scene she couldn’t ever imagine doing again

Margot Robbie smirking while wearing a dress.
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The actors in Wolf of Wall Street saw themselves engaging in all sorts of wild antics to do the film justice. But even with all the craziness the performers had to indulge in, there was one scene that Robbie felt was the craziest.

Margot Robbie and her crew shot a couple of scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street that they considered difficult. But there was one shot Robbie saw that was a little bit much for the actor. Comparing it to Sharon Stone’s famous Basic Instinct shot, Robbie actually considered it ten times worse.

Margot Robbie felt this ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ scene was much worse than ‘Basic Instinct’

There was another scene that Robbie initially felt uncomfortable shooting. The famous take involved Robbie flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio in the characters’ nursey room. It was a scene Robbie was already familiar with since she’d done it during her audition.

“No, I was wearing flesh-colored underwear,” she said. “But there was a shot with a body double that was very much Basic Instinct – probably ten times worse than Basic Instinctmuch to my relief.”

During the interview, the scene was compared to another provocative shot in Basic Instinct. As some may know, Stone filmed the infamous take without wearing underwear. Robbie was asked if the Wall Street nursey scene was cut short because the actor did something similar.

Margot Robbie felt ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ left out something important when the nursey scene was cut

Robbie once told IndieWire that she “was secretly dreading that scene. That was going to be more uncomfortable to watch than the sex scene at the end. It was going to be really awkward.”

“Because so much of the nursery scene got cut out, something that you kind of miss is that [Jordan and Naomi] had a sick sort of aspect to their relationship,” she explained. “Not them as the real people, but the characters we created. He’s got this sexual obsession with her, and she uses her sexuality to manipulate him, so they both play these weird sort of f***** up sex games to just mess with each other.”

Robbie may have been slightly relieved when Scorsese edited out a chunk of the nursery scene. But The Suicide Squad alum also believed that leaving it out had a drawback. Without the extended nursey scene, audiences might have missed something important about DiCaprio and Robbie’s relationship.

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