Christian Bale Almost Quit Being Batman Because He Had a Panic Attack in the Batsuit

Christian Bale thought the Batman character was laughable

Christian Bale speaking on stage
Christian Bale | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Despite the appreciation and gratitude he has for the character, Bale admitted that he really didn’t get Batman at first. Before getting into the headspace of the dark knight, he didn’t take the character seriously at all due to its concept.

Christian Bale is highly regarded as one of the best Batman actors in Cinema. It helps that he was the star of all three Christopher Nolan Batman films which took the franchise to new heights. Although Bale has always expressed gratitude for his role as the caped crusader, his Batman journey almost ended before it started. This was due to an unexpected panic attack brought in by wearing the Batsuit, that nearly cost Bale the coveted role.

It wasn’t until he put on the costume, however, that he grew to respect the character.