Funniest (And MESSIEST) Red Flag Tweets

2021 has been full of sharp left turns, messy plot twists and hilarious memes that continued with Twitter users posting red flag-worthy statements in the latest viral meme wave currently flooding social media.

— Jamal 🎱 (@4900mal) October 12, 2021

One of the most ignored red flags is someone claiming they’re not the person they’ve consistency proven themselves to be.

Now, if we’re being honest, we all ignore red flags in relationships that, in many cases, end predictably bad whether you’re famous or flat broke.

You may recall Kim attending all of Kanye’s DONDA events which, naturally, stirred up spectaculation about them potentially working things out.

A recent example of this is Kanye reportedly convincing Kim to consider reconciling amid their looming divorce.

“Kim is not rushing the divorce,” the source shares. “She and Kanye are in a good place right now and she is not on a rushed timeline to push the divorce forward.”

According to an E! News source, Kim was “open” to the possibility of getting back together.

At the time, Kim was reportedly “really happy” to be getting along with the source noting that it’s important to her “for the sake of the kids, who are really close to their dad.”

The insider says the co-parents “are finally in a great place and Kim wants to enjoy this time and be a family unit.”

“Kanye has expressed that he wants her back, and Kim is open to it, but wants to focus first on rebuilding their foundation and friendship back stronger.”

Meanwhile, the source claims Kanye has higher hopes:

Dah well.

Unfortunately, things didn’t stay peachy for long with TMZ confirming that Kim filed court documents the week of her SNL hosting gig and secured sole control of the $60 million Hidden Hills mansion that she and Kanye designed.

What’s the biggest red flag to you? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and messiest) red flag tweets on the flip.
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