How ‘Collateral’ Director Michael Mann Almost Crushed Jon Bernthal’s Dreams of Acting

One of those directors was Heat filmmaker Michael Mann, who had a strong opinion of the future Marvel star. And it was a meeting that had a negative impact on Bernthal’s dreams as an actor.

Many might consider Jon Bernthal one of the most reliable actors working today. Whether he’s in a supporting role or the lead, Bernthal has a habit of delivering a memorable experience, and that habit has taken his career far. But when starting out, not many felt the actor belonged in the industry for one reason or another.

“When I was at Skidmore College, I never wrote a paper,” Bernthal said in an interview with GQ. “I found the kid who was tied into Irish gangs in Boston and the gangster kids whose dads were mob guys. That’s who I wanted to be like. I went right to them.”